There’s this certainty
That I know you care
frightened to walk unafraid…
Ghosts cling to your clothes
like screams to torn shirts
So, when you’re with me
You walk hollow,
into the sorrows we go
Running scared-
“If there’s something strange
in your neighborhood”
Don’t know what evil may brood
Just assume
They’re coming after-
Beat up every Casper!
I walk and talk with your shell
So many fears to dispel
I’m no ghost buster
But, I’m getting good
at bustin’ up shadows
away from you
I’m a corner street light,
which means many sleepless nights
fog and somber clouds of despair
my soul fluorescent,
ever iridescent
watchful eyes
let my light be your proton pack
I got your back!
spooky apparitions
lumps in your throat
pray to heavenly hosts
whatever concerns you most
“I ain’t afraid of no ghosts”
“I ain’t afraid of no ghosts”
“woosh…Don’t get caught alone no no…”

© Rafael Andrade Garza

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