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I ride the Manhattan subways at all hours. Often, I read
or write or close my dark eyes and drift off to a distant
place of peace.

But aggressive strangers interrupt my serenity and lacerate
my soul. Even Transcendental Meditation™ cannot save
or release me.

And I drop into a deep hole of despair and rage. Like a
caged animal, I’m ready to roar and rip
the interlopers.

But with my parched lips, I pray silently or in a whisper
to my G-d Hashem.

Sometimes I count to 10 or 100 or simply walk away.

Kabbalists say that everything is for the good.
Who knows?

I’m a man of peace and rage too. On this day, I restrain
the caged animal inside.
How long will it hide?

How long?

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