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Looking out my high bedroom window, above the city,
I watch a gold ball of light emerging and spreading and
rising in the east.

Wearing a celestial smile, I open my window of miracles,
and let yellow-gold waves of light sail through, caressing
the potted plants on the windowsill and blessing me in the

mad swirl of dawn with its heat and beauty and vision.
Elated, I gaze through my magical window and feast on
the mind-expanding panorama before me.

Bathing in the kaleidoscopic light of the sun, I taste the
glorious heat of the sun and its luscious colors of hope-
yellow, gold, yellow ocher, saffron, chartreuse, banana

and lemon; orange, ocher, apricot and tangerine; purple,
amethyst, lilac, violet and plum; and the fluid hot colors
anoint my face with love.

I see Mother’s gold eyes gazing at me from Heaven, her
lips whispering: I believe and I let the joy of the new
season enter and kiss my soul.

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