Sometimes it is best not to speak.
Speaking could be overrated.
Talking to voices isn’t all that
it is cracked up to be either.

I cannot get respect in this place.
No one believes me that I have
been selected by the voices
to lead this world and save it.

I would walk on water until I
reach the other side of the world.
But I am being watched closely
and I can’t accomplish my goals.

They say I will drown if I try to
walk on water. I don’t know how
to swim. But I have spiritual
advisors who talk to me. They say

I would not drown. They insist
that I save the world by walking
across the sea to the Middle East and
make the enemies friends for life.

Because they do not believe me
in this place. I refuse to speak to
anyone. I refuse to utter a word.
The world is going to end soon.

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