Not Quite Right in the Head

by March 17, 2009 0 comments

Why does the young man
xwith Turrets Syndrome
xxspit, curse and shout
xforcing the old women on the street corner
to recoil and run for safety?

Why does the senile dog
xwith a limp
xxgrowl, bark and chase
xthe mail carrier only
performing her daily job?

Why does the teenager
xdiagnosed with AIDS
xxslit her wrist
xbent over the sink
xone hand in cold water
xxthe other on her belly
xrubbing the protruding toes
of her unborn baby boy?

More importantly
xwho elects to write about the incidents
xdefending or condemning
xxthe acts
xof mental
xand physical

The Savior?

The Sinner?

The Doctor?

The Lawyer?

Who has the insight
xplacing flesh and blood
xfor the meaty, tasty appeal
of human or animal suffering?

The Absolvers?

The Manipulators?

The Healers?

The Litagators?

The tellers
xof the stories
xxby pen
xby tongue
through airwaves
xelectronic media
and entertainment arenas
are they the experts
xin their fields
xor are they simply
xthe ones
who are truly
not right in the head?

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