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In my mind’s eye, I watch a golden sunrise, stroll along the
Promenade, and dance across the Brooklyn Bridge.

I’m a kid again and Superman too, flying over the Manhattan
Bridge, zigzagging and sailing over the Hudson and East Rivers.

I’ve got a rendezvous in Grand Central Station. Inside its vast
universe, my journey will begin.

I live in the Light but I’m compelled to penetrate the Darkness and
search for the House of the Living Dead.

Inside the surreal station, an old man finds and guides me through an
underground kingdom. He clutches a flashlight and points it at the
pitch-black Darkness.

We travel through a secret Labyrinth into the bowels of the earth.

After a long journey, we arrive at the House of the Living Dead.
A mob of lost souls waits for me. As we enter, they shriek in

We move a few feet and stop. The others form an impenetrable
barrier. We cannot pass through. Yet the old man cries out:

And miraculously, these creatures of the Darkness move simultaneously,
and soon, like the parting of the Red Sea, the room opens
up. Now, there is a path in the center.

We scurry down the narrow passage and enter a back room called the
Sanctum Sanctorum. It is a tiny room, my little tomb, containing two
wooden chairs and two wooden coffins.

Here, I will meet the others one by one. The winners of the Lottery will
see me first. The losers will wait indefinitely.

Now, the old man leaves. He does not say goodbye, nor will he return to
show me the way back. You see, I’m home.

My mission is to penetrate their Darkness. I must save their souls, for their
salvation is my redemption. If not, I am damned!

Late at night, listen to the dark silence. Close your eyes and perhaps, you will
find my secret house, and in the back room, you may find me too, sitting with
the Living Dead.

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