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click here to listen to the spoken word mix by 10k Poets (spoken word track courtesy of PAO Productions)

Some folks say there’s no voice today that is willing to reach the hearts and minds of the average Joe. You know him. He’s the:

The 50+ hours a week with no OT Joe

The let’s build our lives on shaky credit with a 21% APR Joe

The one pay check away from living in the car Joe

The American dream that’s drifting away Joe

The let’s kill the pain with spirits, herbs and chemicals Joe

The fear for our tomorrow’s in a world chock full of sorrow’s Joe

The class I was born into is going extinct and there’s no moving up but only going down Joe

The masses that passes the classes and still works the mailroom Joe

The man on the street with nothing to eat Joe

The barely legal boys with their lethal toys who play GI Joe Joe

The dying too young my song never sung Joe

The teenager dad who wasn’t so bad but got dealt the bad hand Joe

The drug addicted fool who sits outside the schoolyard retracing his steps to find his way back home Joe

The lonely poet who has lost his voice by no choice of his own Joe

The can’t find it behind them and can’t find it in front of them ‘cos tomorrow may not there Joe

The living in fear of the 6 o’clock news afraid to hear another 3,000 are struck dead in the name of God Joe

The seeker who seeks and finds nothing worthwhile Joe

The fool who struck gold only to let it go up in smoke Joe

The I’m too tired to deal with this head, sometimes I think I’d rather be dead Joe

The coping and hoping for someone to hear their plea Joe

I hear you Joe. And this one’s for us Joe.

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