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On this endless night of good and evil, I travel across a private
Waste Land of chaos and despair no other human can cross or
see, on my journey through Hell in search of Heaven.

I seek redemption and forgiveness. Yet I do not remember my
sins. Like an ancient philosopher, I ask:

Who am I? What is the source of this unbearable guilt, the foul
cloth that covers my broken soul?
Have I committed heinous crimes? Or am I an innocent man?

I pass through a Labyrinth of Judgment in search of the Truth.
Scorching eyes watch me and burn a hole in my psyche.
Icy eyes stab me with shards of frozen thoughts and feelings.

Yellow, green, blue, indigo, orange, and red eyes penetrate
the crumbling edifice of my soul.

Black, ebony, coal, sable, sloe-black, charcoal and
cobalt, lapis lazuli, sapphire, turquoise, azure

and brown, ocher, sepia, sorrel, sienna, umber, auburn,
copper, chestnut, cinnamon, walnut, bronze, mahogany,
rust, cocoa, chocolate, coffee,

and slate, silver, gray

and emerald green, olive

and ocher, tangerine, apricot

and purple, puce, magenta, amethyst, violet, lilac, plum

and cinnabar, rouge, pink, ruby, madder, maroon, crimson, blood,

and gold
surround me, enclose me, and cut through my fragmented
being with the gaze of fire and ice,
ice and fire.

Perhaps, I will discover the incomprehensible. Yet I fear I
will never understand, trapped forever in Hell,
shrieking one reverberating word into the
unknowable Labyrinth-


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