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One mysterious morning at dawn, looking up at a golden sun
and listening to crepuscular creatures, I discovered who I am
and what my mission is.

Expelled from Mother’s womb over half-a-century ago, and
destined to become dust, merging into nothingness, I am a
guest on earth, given the gift of life and the soul-rending
wounds of suffering.

My mission is to heal others and myself and help repair the
fragmented universe. I’m here, I believe, for as long as I’m
supposed to be, according to a divine plan. And the
fulfillment of my will is less important than the incomprehensible
will of the universe, also called the Will of G-d.

I will breathe His cosmic breath until He summons me. Then I
will vanish into the Void that creates, consumes, and recreates.

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