come undone09-08-08

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Nothing ever happens
Nothing at all
Birds don’t sing
The sun don’t shine
Elephants forget
Cars don’t start
Bees are cut off at the knees
Eyelids that never blink
Flowers hang unbloomed
Cats don’t scratch and claw
Silent death never comes
Men don’t cry
Thunder doesn’t follow lightning
It’s always empty in the sky
All grass is brown and dead
Politics stays the same
White noise static on the television
The national anthem is never sung
No one eats pie or cake or pizza
Candle wax doesn’t melt
Babies aren’t born
Men in horned rimmed glasses never sneeze
Volcanoes lie dormant
Rabbits eat their own feet
Movie sets are empty, no one yells “action” on them
Race horses fall over
Time flows down a drain
Hairstyles never change
Policemen sit silently, not eating donuts,
not writing tickets or laughing at your expense
White lace dresses tatter
Bowling balls wobble
Gum is spit out
Unsmoked cigars sit smoking
Girls don’t flirt
Whoops don’t holler
Grasshoppers won’t hop
The far off sounds are coming from nowhere
No one wins a medal, or first prize or second prize
or no prize
Writers tap there pens relentlessly then
fall Christ-like backwards in work chairs
Clowns don’t cry
Fools are suffered lightly
Glass eyes don’t see
Blues songs aren’t sad
Everything yellow disappears
No one gets on that airplane
There are no regrets
Martyrs can find no martyrdom
Monsters aren’t frightening
Childhood is like a walk in the park
Wheels won’t turn
Hummingbirds kill themselves old school Japanese style
Fortune cookies are empty inside
Cheaters prosper a little
Hats blow off heads
Turtles stack upon turtles in a pyramid
Fish cannot breathe
Monkeys stop fornicating
Limestone doesn’t taste like lime
The whole dark world stands still mid jack off
Ticket takers won’t take tickets
Flies on the wall don’t even give a shit about what’s being said
Liars lose their inertia
Honey tastes like piss
Guns misfire
Eggs crack open of their own volition
Carousels won’t spin
Angry people sit down with head in hands
Moths surround the ankles
The ketchup won’t pour out
Entropy sings like Christmas carols on small children’s lips
Nothing ever happens
Anything at all
And you don’t love me
And you don’t love me
And you don’t fuck me
You don’t fucking fuck me
But you fucking fuck other people
But not fucking me
Bugles blow mournful
Every living tiger screams
Fire burns the head of a match
And you won’t stop leaving
One way or the other
With your body
With your face
With your words
With your pussy
Your pussy won’t fucking stop leaving
Your heart
Your love
Your connection to all things great and small
It just won’t stop leaving
over and over and over
Like trains at a train station
Particles of light
Turning pages in a book
I can’t see your fucking smile
Somebody is fucking you now
Ripples in a pond
Butterflies in spider webs disintegrate
Icicles fall stabbing baby lizards in the eye
The universe is flaccid
No one even bothers to masturbate anymore
Pancake syrup down the side of your face
The waitress at the diner offs herself
Phones don’t ring
Prodigal sons never return
Pedophiles sip cocktails and smile
at new years eve celebrations
Planted seeds grow Karma like rotting fruit
Demons go unfought
Prophets predict the worst scenarios
Sleep is now a wicked enemy
Poems fall apart
Every single fucking poem falls apart
Inkless pens
Shit from the ass
Stupid languages
Words don’t mean shit when twisted around like
quantum folly bullshit bluster
And you don’t love me
And you won’t love me
You won’t love me
only fools to which you are nothing.
You won’t fuck me
only fools to which we are nothing.
Everyone goes back to full time jobs.
We all give up the ghost, or the dream, or the secret
secrets, secrets, secrets,
motherfucking secrets!
Perverts, liars, fucking cunts
every last one of you
Return to the same as before
Except for me, I’m disabled now
Everything back to what it was
You back in your place
Everyone back to their place
Someone yells action
Frozen time resumes
Nothing happened
Nothing happens
Nothing ever happens anywhere
No time
No one
Nothing at all
Nothing at all
Nothing at all

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