Torn and Tattered

by on December 19, 2008 :: 0 comments

Yeah, maybe I am torn and tattered
but that don’t matter
‘cos on the inside I’m rich and luxuriant.

But go on, go ahead
and judge me by my cover.
Pick me outta the clearance bin
read the back of the jacket
no big named reviews
with a praising of words
Just a simple synopsis of who I am
an imperfect, worn
torn and tattered book
that doesn’t warrant a second look

That’s the way its always been
in the rough I’ve been the gem
Looked over and forgotten
by those that never mattered
because my cover’s just a tad too tattered.

It’s the ones who look deeper
who finds I’m a keeper
‘cos deep inside this book of me
resides the being I’ve always been

an artist of every kind
a playful yet sharp state of mind
a quick with a joke me
a sharing a toke me
a deeper philosophy
then you’d guess when you looked at me

a living and loving me
a giving and sharing me
a reaching and teaching me
a sympathetic hearing me

But go ahead
And judge me by my cover
It’s just a disguise you will discover

Yeah, I’m torn and tattered
But I don’t try to flatter
I only open up
To those that matter

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