The 1:15 Blue Line

by December 13, 2008 0 comments

I found myself on the Blue Line today.
Sitting back, closed the eyes for the moment and I saw. Flashes on my mind, so much, I was following at a psyche-sprint for a time, tripping with its speed. So much before my arms. to grab, so much, so obvious, so open.
I saw myself on the Blue Line today. Sat back in the corner, looked up and there I was..6, chubby, happy, smiling, there I was..19, scared, confused, lost..25, a man in
transition..50, wise, bearded, evolved..75, back bent, eyes dim, soul, sitting, looking, seeing, understanding.
I killed myself on the Blue Line today. my Self, the Self of time, died. Had to disconnect connection. Said the rites, closed the lights, took to flight. It was hard and how I wept. The well that sat dry, parched, drought. Flood gates opened, flowing down my face as I said goodbye
to my Self.
the Line.

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