Sidewalk Silence

by on December 19, 2008 :: 0 comments

These cracks on the sidewalk
have a tale to be told
from many years ago
back in it’s primmest day
when it was freshly laid and paved

so fresh and free of daily debris
that now stuffs it’s clefts
so pristine, so untouched, so clean
only the crafters caring touch
laid hands upon skin

but the yellow tape was removed
and the posts were lifted
and so began it’s slow deterioration

cold and heat days, snow and sleet days
not to mention the years of tears
that fell from the sky
puddles came and puddles dried

walked upon, used and abused
until finally a thin crack formed
and it’s face broke off in places
and it became old and worn
more of an eye sore
then a concrete floor

crushed up butts and angry weeds
now fill in its cavernous seams
and it’s wasting away
in unkempt decay

it’s story untold
never the chance to say its say
cracked and silent til it’s final days

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