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Upon awakening from a dream of terror,
I see things as they really are, not as
others wish or dream or believe,

but as I perceive, for there is no reality
except for my creations-my thoughts,
emotions, and behavior;

my wishes, dreams, and visions.

I am the creator of my universe. No matter
what others think or say about me, no matter
what evil flows my way, like an invisible

storm that sweeps across my broken soul,
my response to the outside world defines
who I am.

I am a man. Probably, you’ve never heard of
me. My pseudonym is Marvin Einstein. I
share the universe with billions of people.

Like you, I am a harrowed human responsible
for my life although I have little or no control
over external events. Yet within the sacred

landscape of my bewildering soul, I choose-in
every mysterious moment of my existence-how
to experience and interpret my life.

Like you, I struggle each day, always striving to
transcend the traumas of my daily existence and
craving the ubiquitous beauty of the universe.

And it is a rude awakening to realize that reality
does not exist. Indeed, I too do not exist. Every
moment I create and recreate who I am and the

world around me.

Every nanosecond that I breathe-inhaling and
exhaling reality-is exciting and frightening, for
every vital moment is a metamorphosis and a

rude awakening, sudden death and enlightenment

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