reason and rhyme

by December 13, 2008 0 comments

now allow me to wax poetically sympathetically to the nationality of breeds out in this vicinity who take things so goddamn seriously and only see the reality they choose to be seeing and being who they were told to be being while us society deficiant vultures venture to the pharmacy physician to fill our scripts with around the corner hospitality to quiet our brain activity allowing me to flow free poetically and not giving sympathy to those fuckin folks who may not “understand” me. this me that I am being is the me I’m meant to be being and I’ll wax poetically if I choose to and I’ll wear my heart on a sleeve if I choose to and I’ll bite your hand if you get too close if I choose to but then again, maybe I won’t if I choose to. But that choice is mine and I guess that’s the reason and the rhyme for this ranting and raving I’ve been spraying all over this page while silently praying these words I say may never become a crime.

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