Point of Departure

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I knew you all
Before these shadows
That we now cast
Could see the light
That gives them
Everything that we have become
A story to lead us home
To each

Knowing embrace
And tortured days

Like the shadows
That spoke to us
When Mr. Radio
Said that Ginsberg is dead
That truth is a beatnik
That these tortured days are
Nothing more
Than training for
Growing up

Someone forgot to tell
the radio that it was wrong.
Allen is not dead.
Rippling thru his voice
is our truth
is our vision
is our destiny

is our responsibility

The torch is passed
and the muses shared
the mediums may have evolved
but message is the same

“Hear ye’ hear ye
all you mad ones
find your fellow mad ones…
…and speak the truth
…and express the heart
…and live the dream
…and teach the experience
…and learn the way
…and destroy the barriers
…and evolve to purity

We’ve been driving for years, man
We’ve been driving through the gaps
That time forgets
We’ve been looking for that Xanthos
That’ll settle the score
We’ve been listening to everything
Cause that nugget‘s
gonna find its way to our ears, man
Its gonna stir it up for good man
Its gonna manifest that mad
Mad swirl
And suck our motives to the

We must always die
Before we are reborn
Just as we must fall asleep tonight
Before we can start to climb back
Up out of this hole

Just as you must dwell in the darkness
before you can appreciate the light
Just as you must see
before you can seek
Just as you must die
before you can live

These just as-es-es birth more just as-es-es
as the swirl of life spins on mad axis-es

these ageless questions sit loosely on our tongues
that have no answers or solution
that have no compromises or facts
that have no law or doctrine
that only perpetuate the ultimate question,
the one and only question…

“Can you hear me?”

I ask you brother
“Do you hear me?”

I ask you sister
“Do you hear me?”

cheyenne gallion (CG) and johnny olson (JO)

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