Main Event
(Charles Bukowski vs. Saul Williams)

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peace. love. war.
those are fightin’ words man
one more beer
I’ll take you on
you jab me with the rain
run circles around me
like Sugar Ray Leonard
dazzle me with the stars
I have no room for your metaphors
I’ll uppercut you with brutal truth
straight right with my hardest fight
we take seats
with opposite sides of the lyrical universe
spit in the poetic bucket
You come with a right (ous) cross
I duck it.
In the center,
we embrace in brotherhood
separate like enemies
in the canon neighborhood
hard left to my body
your beautiful rhyme
gets me everytime
I wonder
who’s the best pound for pound?
your words vs. mine
we roll with the best punches around
you bring spirituality in your corner
I never let my bluebird die out
in this painful life
you bring the best to the bout
to fight the promotion machine
leave no word undone
with these specialties
we battle the injustice, son.

– Rafael Andrade Garza © June 22, 2006

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