Imagination Ejaculation

by on December 19, 2008 :: 0 comments

imagination ejaculation
messing up my mind.
puddles pool, growing skin…
must clean this mess up,
cover this sin…
before i get caught red-handed
with my mind in a spin.

it starts out with a stimulating thought
and once it starts there is no fighting it,
riding the surges of urges.
i am prisoner to my mind’s desires.

i tag along,
tongue wagging
ready for the romp.
ready to begin
this long
of the imagination.

images begin to take form
in the shadowed flashes
behind eyelashes,
a strobe light-like show of sparks
so bright,
so right,
so out of fucking sight
that everything else is obliterated
in a blink of an eye.

i am alive in the voids of my mind.
empty canvases come to life
thru mere whims of wishes and visions.
i am invigorated and rejuvinated
by the streaming dreams i see.

i’m filled up
and the build up
spills over the edges
as my imagination ejaculation
makes a mess again.

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