I Think Not

by on December 13, 2008 :: 0 comments

Strangest thing happened today, I lost me. Not ‘lost’ in the sense of gone but I was a shell for a while today. I was with me for a few hours and decided it was time to fuck with my head, why not try some of that, with a touch of this, a piece of dat and bump bump bumping on along. Oh gosh, what’s a touch of this gonna do for me. Try it, might like it…might not. Well ‘not’ it was, and ‘not’ is me. Me stepped out for awhile, may be back later, may not. Roll the dice baby, come on 7! Luck is not going to find me. Post signs at the local store. Missing, me, call ‘I’ if found. But I sense that me is around, looking into my eyes…oh yes, here me is, no there I go. Quick glimpses like sitting at a light and watching cars turn in front. Quick connections, quick…disconnect. Me does that, me connects, ZAP, gone. Where? Behind this wall of fucked up shit I just put up to fuck with my head. Is it bad to be straight? I think not. Stop? I think not. Compromise? I think not.
I think not.

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