…i cannot

by on December 13, 2008 :: 0 comments

i wish i can speak to you true & clear, loud enough so you can hear but…i cannot.

i wish i could paint the perfect picture, strokes so fine and colors so bright, make your eyes see the light but…i cannot.

i wish i could sing all the ranges of the scales where my voice doesn’t fail & fall apart but…i cannot.

i wish i could dance like a ballerina’s prance & walk on clouds, the beat my feet would pound but…i cannot.

i wish i could rhyme & keep time in your mind with these words of mine but…i cannot.

i wish i could snap pictures, a camera in my brain that would try to explain these things that i see but…i cannot.

i wish i could open my soul to the world, a hole that would spread all these things i just said but…i cannot.

all i can do is give my point of view & reach out to you & you & you over there & you in the air & you & you & you.

i got a few gifts but my wrapping’s not perfect, the bow may be frazzled & the paper is torn & my technique is worn out but it’s all i gotß & i hope it’s enough to say what i feel when my soul starts to reel off rapid heart thoughts & i hope that my ink will sink into paper & you’ll drown in the ocean of pages.

i hope that my strokes…although not the truest & the colors not the bluest…may paint on the canvas my soul’s wishes.

i hope that you’ll see me dancing along to my cracked voice’s song & that you’ll dance along like no one but god is watching.

i hope that you’ll see this, i wish i could make you but i’m not the creator, just the curator & i wish that you’ll feel this love in your heart from sunrise start ’til the sky turns to dark but as i said…i cannot.

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