features of creatures

by December 13, 2008 0 comments

streams of dreams
came to me…
last night

scattered off
flew away…
at day’s
first light

i know it’s there
locked up in me…
oh so

dying streams of
remnant dreams…
from late
last night

subconscious me
had the key
has the eye
that always sees
bits and pieces
it sets free
waves of dreams
wash over me

i’m tossing
my mind is burning
midsummer night
has got me
rising moon
the tide starts
midnight’s yearning
has got me

echoes bouncing off the walls
screaming dreams
and childhood songs
i know the tune
and hum along
forgot the words
of yesterday’s song

sunrise comes
and blinds my eyes
grasping fingers
grab and find
the features
of creatures
in my mind.
to always search
but never find.
scattered off
at day’s
first light
the streams of dreams
from late…
last night

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