Fade In…

by December 13, 2008 0 comments

…lines I know from days gone past.
The casts the same from days of last.
The stage is set, this scene is old.
I watch it as it all unfolds.
I know my cues, the lines I’ve read.
I know exactly what lies ahead.
This is the story of yesterday.
It’s played my mind both night and day.
The curtain’s up, the eyes they look
to see the pages of my book.
My stance is tense, my throat its dry.
One last look before I cry.
This performance upon the stage,
the last words written on this page.
Will end tonight to no applause.
No more will be be the curtain calls.
For time moves on and people too.
To stages with a different view.
This stage is one that’s up and far,
the role I’ll take is of the star.
So look to me on darkened nights
and know that all is well and right.
For here is where I choose to be
until the next role beckons me…
Fade Out

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