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I’m a seer
a doer
a midnight mover
a midnight walker
and a midnight talker.

Midnight’s got me tossing and turning
the things that I dream
have got my mind burning.
Gotta remember, gotta hang on
gotta make note, gotta belong
gotta do what I can
the message is clear
the meaning of life
sits so far yet too near.

I’m confused and I’m lost
I’m abused at a cost
I’m turned upside down
around and I’m tossed
as the hands keep a’moving
and the beat keeps a’streamin’
and there’s nothing I’m provin’
‘cos it’s nothing but dreamin’
and nothin’ is somethin’
‘cos it all has a meanin’
the midnight me sees
what the wakin’ me’s missin’
If I’d only shut up
if I only could listen
I might catch a glimpse
of what I’ve been missin’

but the alarm rings out
in the predawn of night
and my feet get a’movin’
while my mind holds on tight
I’m no longer a seer
I’m no longer a doer
I’m just grasping for straws
but it’s not a fair fight
as my dream starts to crawl
away from the light

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