Crazy Cosmonaut

by on December 6, 2008 :: 0 comments

Contortioned in my manned maneuvering unit,
I’m conformed to this lonely flight
Cosmic embryo in crisis
Dreams begin with fetal ecstasies
of Mighty Mouse moon missions
“Must save the world from itself!”
All stars are on me-
Roll up on the planets until I die,
A ball of fury in my sight
A bronze sun is a hellish heart
in flames and in love
I make like a Jetsons flash
cruising the galaxies cholo-style for babes
I search all over the universe
for this crazy thing called love
I’m willing to trade this lost heart
for your taken part
of a feeble electronaut’s
daunting assignment to
to throw the alignments out of shape
and stake a flag in the land of love.

– Rafael Andrade Garza © Sept. 16, 2007

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