Bush Speaks on His Legacy

by on December 15, 2008 :: 0 comments

The American people may remember
that I said,
By the time that history judges me,
I’ll be dead.

But now that my presidency
is coming to an end,
Dick Cheney thinks
it’s time to think again.

One last thing to do
that sure would pleasure me
Is to go ahead and empty out
the Treasury.

Just make sure none of it goes
to General Motors,
Because all those union workers
sure have odors.

Boy Obama,
it will sure be fun
To watch you try undoing
what I’ve done.

Though, the one thought I might say
that’s most alarming
Is that you will do nothing
about global warming.

Just so it is clear,
and I’m the first who said it,
When Armageddon comes
I want the credit.


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