Beat Prayer

by December 13, 2008 0 comments

What’s going on in our world today?
War and hate
and is it too late
to save our skies?
Our fragile world quickly dies.
Hear the cries of the extinguishing creatures,
birth defect children with monstorous features?
We hate them
but create them
and then we ask why.
Isn’t it OK that they should not die?
What’s going on in this world tonight?
How can we turn it and make it alright?
Car bombs rocking the buildings to rubble,
terror in hearts, our souls are in trouble,
please hurry up God and make it a double.
The hatred is growing,
the red blood is flowing
and we don’t know if you’re coming or going.
What’s going on in the world this morning?
The rich keep riching and
the poor keep pooring
and the old man upstairs is taking a nap,
the thunder you hear is only his snoring.
Children get madder
and fatter
and splatter
their friends and teachers
in nonchalant matters.
The Mom and Pop stores have all gone away,
mommy and daddy smoke crack and decay.
Grandma and grandpa have nothing to say,
they’re grateful they’ve got one foot in the grave.
Who out there will try to help us?
Is there no oneout there to save us?
With everyone taking the love no one gave,
what’s going on in this world today?

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