Press 1 for Inbox/Press 2 for Outbox

by on November 12, 2008 :: 0 comments

Remember the old-fashioned kermit-style email?
I know some of you do. Those of you from back in the day:
When the monitor was green text on black,
before there was SPAM. A mere 13 years later: I press

SPAM and eggs
SPAM soup with ramyeon noodles
God SPAM America, no
SPAM bless America, yes
SPAM that I love…oops
I SPAMmed it again
“Where SPAMer, When SPAMer” in the album
SPAM service has SPAMkira soaring
to the tops of the SPAMboard charts
Latin SPAMerikan music
the SPAM is killing our thought processes
SPAM’s better than glam
like SPAMzak;
“Ride the SPAM baby, yeah!” he SPAMmed
so she grabbed him by the ears and SPAMmed
“Give me your SPAM! yes! I’m SPAMming!”
He then pulled out and SPAMmed all over her face
which smeared her SPAM-up.
My SPAModerant is ruining my shirts
the tsunami left SPAM in the sea
but luckily none of the SPAM
were destroyed
Thou shall not SPAM
may the SPAM be with you
viva el SPAM!

very unhealthy yet profitable;
take the head of the meta
the tag
cut the meat
who knows what scraps and toenails,
who knows what diseases
sweep it all up
the broken links, the tags, the anchors
HTML, Coldfusion, ASP, JSP
and then,
it comes out like a pre-processed

slab o’ shit
hard on
and hand job

See Britney SPAM naked!

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