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Mr. Obama, our President-to-be, you evoke poignant memories of
Yesterday, reminiscence of my dreams and the dreams of a nation,
the magical contradictory sixties, a decade of violence and love,
war and spirituality, when John F. Kennedy and Bobby too and

Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired us to be greater than we were and
we dreamed big dreams and we believed. We were a nation of
visionaries and we danced in the streets of hope in the U.S.A. until
our leaders were stolen from us, in a sudden wave of assassinations,
and we cried.

It seemed we cried forever and our grand visions of peace, covered in
blood, vanished too. Since that anguished time, we’ve mourned our
lost dreams.

Back then, I was a young man in my twenties, a Brooklyn College
student-a dreamer-who used to sit quietly in the Garden of the Lily Pond
and meditate on a grand future for our glorious country.

Mr. Obama, that grand future is now. And the endless days of mourning
are coming to an end. Together, we will fulfill the dreams of Yesterday
and rebuild this glorious nation. You and I and all Americans will be one
and we will repair our beautiful country. We will fix what needs to be
fixed and we will heal.

Mr. Obama, you are our inspiration and we will be greater than we were
or ever dreamed. A beautiful Spirit fills our soul once more and we
believe. Yes, we believe! And like the phoenix, America will rise again.

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