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it’s a state of mind
maggot brain:

I taste the maggots
on the ring of the tub

all bushy and yeasty

you can’t stop death
no more than
you can stop life

that minor-major pull.

free your mind
of clouds of bullshit
and your ass will follow
right to con- and un-scious clarity



Tales of kid Rafadelic:
First, let’s take it to the page
sunchild on his way down
to form sunlight rays into black ink sound
Boom Bash!
free your mind, become colorblind
I think I see the mothership
coming, swing down swing down
I gotta ride
I wanna ride
let me ride
static, frequency, float fly float
catch, here we radio in
on that resonance—W-E-F-U-N-K
the archangels on the one
everybody vibing off it, the one
ga goo goo ga
second, shine some light on
flash light on it
flash Ra on that postmodern
tribalism—what’d + Ra + call it?—
coatlism. Slithering snake-bird
god-man, Ra-devil
and third, Ra-angel has got his groove:
the electric spanking of war babies
and that’s that.


Uncle Sam is that dangerous
foul-mouthed pedophile of a man
Uncle Jam sits in his chair
telling stories. Let’s sit and hear one:
many many years ago
in a parallel galaxy right here
light hears away
happening via ESP all the same now and then
in other words, many light-years ago today
the most powerful mothership in the world
is in the midst of a mothership mutiny
the atomic dogs started woof-woofing
why must I be like that? why must I chase the cat?
what all my homies saying?
bow wow wow yippe yo yippe yeah
the murderous strings come in
Bernie Worrell and Glenn bringing the mothership down
back again back on the backs of the gansta rap
the fathers of this generation’s thought process
Ra’s whole thought process
the shooting to each molecule from the
tiniest hair follicle
to the supernovas and nebula
vote for George Clinton
I’ll tell ya people, if you keep sleeping
the only one that’s gonna get funked up
is you.

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