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I believe we are born sexual. Sexuality is as instinctual as eating and breathing. From a very early age, we are conditioned, though, to repress it. We learn about sex from stealing peeks at necking teenagers and playing risky exploration games with neighborhood kids in the shed. We play with sex by testing our boundaries, sampling…we feel aroused and don’t understand why. We orgasm without knowing what an orgasm is (whatever that was, it sure felt good!) We learn from our sexuality as much as we learn about it. We get hurt, we get used, we get taken, we get STDs or pregnancy scares. We learn. We grow. We eventually learn that sex is not dirty or sinful. We learn to please ourselves. We learn to please others. We learn to accept who we are sexually. And not be ashamed. And not be afraid to be sexual. We then learn that sexuality can come in all shapes and sizes, all kinds of things, places, scents, feelings, situations. Sexuality can be found in a slowly smoked cigarette, or a dance or a smile. Sexuality can be found in the texture and sweet flavor of a ripened strawberry. Sexuality can even transcend gender, to its raw, spiritual core; two souls, strongly magnetized towards each other. We embrace our sexuality then, proudly, without shame, or regrets. Without anger. We can accept our sexuality with soft open arms, warm breast and open heart. And in the process, accept ourselves.

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