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The sweet sweet taste of your lips intoxicates me, sends me
Reeling, feelin’ stealing
Kisses here and kisses there and I’m DRUNK
On the scent
of your hair
This longing burns like fire, out of control
And I cant wait
To have you
And be completely
And wholly
By you.
Cause when the push comes to shove
And longing feels like love
And dirty feels so pure
Its then you know for sure, it’s sexuality
Sexual, sexual
Don’t be afraid, just let yourself go
One kiss one touch one fuck and you’ll know
Its your sexuality calling
So come out and play
Its your divine birthright to feel this way
I taste I touch I breathe you in
My fingers lightly tracing the creases of your skin
And this attraction tastes so sweet
This affection this fire this burning desire
We need not worry of right and wrong
Good and evil
Heaven and hell
Cuz here, in this moment
All lines are erased
All labels removed. The rules don’t apply
Here, in this moment.
We’re naked
And holy
and pure
Just like the day we were born.
If this pleasure wasn’t meant to be
Would our tongues intertwined taste so heavenly
Would breasts against breasts move so gracefully?
Mother nature knew what she was doin’
To make you so delicious to me
Mother nature knew what she was doin’
Cuz kissing you’s like kissing me
And I can please YOU like I please myself
I know a thing or two about YOUR thing or two
I promise I will touch you right
Like I touch myself every night.
So dive right in
The water’s warm
But stay out of the deep end baby,
Unless you know how to swim
This longing burns like fire, out of control
And I can’t wait to have you
And to be completely
So sweetly
And finally
Had by you.

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