The Gospel According to Me

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I used to be a very religious person. Like the obnoxiously alienating-scaring off friends-zealously-fanatical kind of religious.

Then one day, many years ago, I looked at my worn out religion and realized I didn’t want to wear it anymore- it just didn’t fit me anymore- I realized that my religion was full of holes and lies and hypocrisies and inconsistencies and contradictions and judgements and superiority and small-mindedness and exclusion and elitism and I didn’t want it anymore. So I threw it away.

Problem was, I threw the idea of God away with it. Now, years later, I see my faith evolving. I believe in God. In a great big way. There is no religion I claim, no doctrine I subscribe to, really, its quite simple and can be summed up like this. Ready for my religion?

Here it is: God is big. God is Love. God is you and me. God is everywhere and everything and everyone.

That’s it, really.

In my redesigned and still developing faith, I’m often caught off guard when someone argues against the existence of God. It surprises me – perplexes me and I want to tell them – just look around. To me its just so fucking obvious, I mean, come on.

So, for those of you that need persuading, or are still on the fence with deciding whether or not god exists, I present to you my thesis.


Cellular reproduction, DNA, fingerprints, snowflakes, nectarines, childbirth, a worm’s ability to regenerate when torn in half, a caterpillar’s transformation and rebirth from the cocoon into its winged and beautiful re-design, science, mathematics, physics, icicles, the intricacies and patterns inside of a tulip or a lily, the sweet perfumed fragrance of a magnolia, a ladybug’s painted spots, babies, the human body and all of its divinely designed mechanisms and chemistry and elaborate systems, bird songs, genitals, the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

creativity, curiosity, imagination, passion, love, laughter, hope, the unorchestrated but reliably gradual healing of a broken heart or spirit, the amazingly delicate balance of a perfectly structured solar system, cumulus, stratus and sirrus clouds, pink and purple water color sunsets, fire, stars, forests, deserts, oceans, jungles, civilization, evolution, water, space travel, people helping people, technology, embryonic stem cell research, chemotherapy, psychotherapy.

the moon, the ecosystem, the internet, cell phones, airplanes, boats and cars, the zodiac, the strength and valor of the human spirit, intuition, art, music, literature, film, paint, sidewalk chalk, wax sticks that you can color with that come in every single color you can imagine, and some you didn’t, insects, rainbows, that inside each pear seed exists a pear tree and countless pears, human compassion, diversity, color, texture, taste, smell, the power of touch, wildflowers that nobody even planted but they grow anyway.

sleep, dreams, fantasies, the miraculous and mysterious workings of weather, the secret universes that exist underwater, in a bee hive, in dirt, in a puddle, in the human body, in an ant hill, in a scrotum, in a high school, in a toenail.

free will, forgiveness, grace, coincidence, happenstance, serendipity, synchronicity, fate, destiny, man’s ability to walk upright when he wants to, or just lay around if we prefer, freshwater pearls, diamonds, gems, mangos, avocados, olives, tomatoes, herbs, spices, cannabis, venus flytraps, dragonflys, the human brain, the human face, the human heart, ticklish places, goosebumps, hot sex, orgasms, the ability to bring oneself to orgasm without any help, love, mortality, immortality, medicine, magic, miracles, mysteries, and the innate human desire to solve them.

To me, its clearly evident, if not obvious, that god is real and present and actively involved; evidence exists everywhere and anywhere, if you choose to see it. I mean really, I could go on and on and on. If you’re not convinced yet, I wonder if you ever will be.

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