The Final Unraveling

by on October 10, 2008 :: 0 comments

There are mites in my head, there are bugs in my bed and they’re eating away at my brain, and god,
the burn
the burn
the BURN is causing so much pain.
I kick I spit I bang my head to get the monsters out of me
but those fuckers are in my urethra now, they only come out when I pee.
I hear the Man, he says to FIGHT and so I do as I‘m told
and that fucking nurse can’t stop me now, regardless of her restraining hold
and I am done, I’m over now, my credits are rolling on the screen and when I close my eyes I see my mother’s rubbery tits hanging over me.
Do you remember mama’s tits? I think you do, you scum
for no one ever touched my Soul the way my mama’s titties hung.
Everyone here is one of Them, they’ll stop at nothing to get their revenge and I can’t fight it, I can’t hide it, they’re taking over, I’m over, I’m done
and in my bed I moan and cry and pray for Christ to come.

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