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Orphan martyr misses her mother,
poor-poor, poor-poor me.
As the martyr, I lay down my life and tell
the same damned story
to anyone who’ll listen- or anyone I want to
KNOW me- the “Behind the Music” version Me

I’m tired of my own saga
I’m tired of hearing myself tell the same shocking stories
I’m so tired of repeated
Disappointments and paper cut stings of
memories I never got
to live
and forgiveness I have yet to give. I will write my story upon your heart
or your back
or where ever you will let me leave my mark

And I will not apologize
nor tell you lies,
while you try to analyze
My truth is stranger than fiction
I am the WOUNDED ONE who
from adversity

I’ve got empty pockets and a song and a dance
I’ll give to any passerby who pretends to care
cause how can you KNOW me- the TRUE me,
the E! True Hollywood Story Me with poignant
music and too many commercials
and a recap after
every break.

Would anyone like a piece of me?
samples are free.
would you like to taste my pain?
If you miss it this time, come back for the encore, playing at 6,8 and 10.
The Super-Orphan-Martyr-Survivor-Daughter–
Ooooh! She is so strong!

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