Returning and Beginning

by October 10, 2008 0 comments

Wide awake I rise
hearing the soft whisper
accepting the invitation
to attend the blossoming
of one more sweet day.

so open, so lush
verdant garden of my heart
mystical, magical
painted flowers spilling open
sing to me a lovesong.
“Alas, she has returned!”

My life, my love
my blood a flowing river
my bones sturdy trees
my spirit blooms and sings,
Fragrant and fresh
This is the way.

Inhaling to exhale
breathing out and breathing in.
Holiest of holies,
with welcoming kisses
I am greeted.
She takes me in.

In the wide open space of my potential,
sky is blue and I am golden.
I rise and behold truth and love
in all of its simplistic mysteries
and complicated simplicities.
I am alive and buzzing with possibilities,
fertile and rich, like the soil beneath me.

Basking in the warmth
of my own light, I shine, I glow.
Behind me sways my history
dancing in the breeze of memory.

Before me, destiny beckons
to lovingly coax me into her embrace
to dance, to hold and touch–
“we will create wondrous tomorrows together,
just you wait…”
her promise in my ear
and I am taken,
I am smitten and I will go
where she leads me.

Divine, divine, dancing with mystery
light envelopes me
becomes me;
I run barefoot in tall grass
and I am naked in the sun
and I am holy
and alive.

this body and its spirit– lovers,
reunited, at last.
at last this heart has found its home.

Passionately I step
into my own godly light.
so bright, so bright
I ignite
and burn toward the future.

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