Nightmare Before Christmas07-20-2008

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It’s kind of funny,
her favorite all time movie, that is.
I think it must be
Tim Burton’s
Nightmare Before Christmas
One of the oddest things about her,
a trait we both share in a big way,
Is that we talk and talk and talk
most of the time,
unless we are mopey
in which case everybody knows it.
Sometimes, when you’re always going,
you forget what you’ve said before
and to who.
I think it’s like that when
she tells me about
Nightmare Before Christmas
She gets this excited gleam in her eyes
while recounting the plot.
What she thinks it means
An outsider coming from this one place
into another.
Yearning for something more.
About the characters, how they meet
where they come from, what they want.
She will smile and laugh when
explaining the funny parts,
“Santy Claws” she laughs.
Her voice getting higher and faster
Until launching into the final part
where she sings snippets of the songs
in this deliberate
cartoon voice, smiling,
Her eyes get large and round.
I have seen her do this entire bit
many times.
I’ve lost count.
But each and every time
I remain silent, do not interrupt
and give no indication that
I have heard it before.
In fact
I usually maintain facial expressions
that say it is interesting,
new, entertaining,
because it is.
I smile and I nod
listening to every single bit.
I laugh at the end and say
“That sounds awesome,
we need to watch that together sometime”
but we never have.
I’m not sure
what else to say about this.
I’m just telling a story
about her.
There are a hundred more.
They are small
and might seem meaningless
to you.
when someone
Really means the world to you,
all the tiny stories like this
are not meaningless,
they are everything.

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