by October 10, 2008 0 comments

feeling gray today. feeling like lukewarm soup, like a crayon whose tip has been colored down to the paper. feeling cloudy with a chance of rain. i’m a gooey piece of gum hardening under the table. i’m a forgotten love letter in an old dusty box. i’m a strand of Christmas lights burned out, yet still hanging
uselessly on the tree. i’m feeling gray today. feeling like yesterday’s newspaper left on the cold porch, in the rain, soggy with all the ink blending into itself, illegible and messy. i’m a watch with its battery starting to lag behind, minutes off at first, then all of a sudden, hours. feeling like a cat locked out of the house meowing to be let in. i’m an old weathered paperback book, it’s cover held on with tape, sitting on the bookshelf, waiting, waiting to be read. read me.
i’m feeling gray today.

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