Coming to Terms

by on October 10, 2008 :: 0 comments

Here is my heart, take it please, it is hazardous to my health and it only seems to complicate my life. I remember you, I remember me, when things were so different, so free. Now things are cluttered, things are jumbled and I long for the clarity of what once was. You’re sitting there so nonchalant as if none of this is happening. Maybe you’re onto something, maybe you’re the smart one, the strong one. It’s probably so, since you are there all smug in your spot, the same spot, and I am just pieces, broken parts of what used to be whole.
It’s better now, though, coming to terms, and I begin to feel less; less intensely, less profoundly, and less is more, they say.
I remember you, do you remember me? I really don’t think you do. This is all you see, all you know and I want to scream. I want to cry, because once upon a time we belonged, and it felt right and its been so long since it’s felt right, so long that feeling wrong is what feels right now. I wish I could be like you, so simple that the complications of our lives don’t even touch you, don’t even come near you and you can still pretend, I wish I could pretend like you.
But I’m the one coming to terms. You’re just sitting there so nonchalant.
Here is my heart, take it please, at least just for a while, so you could feel how it feels to feel, like me.

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