And Now

by October 10, 2008 0 comments

Things can be different now.

As the great truth
makes its way to the stage,
unveiling, unmasking, revealing
the spectacular punchline
the grand dichotomy-
oh, it has taken a lifetime
to get to this place
I have been led here to
simply accept this truth:
My Light and my Darkness
shall co-exist
as friends.

As friends?

As friends.

the truth is so fresh, so new
still wet in its birthing blood
still tender and fragile
so gently i embrace it.
i claim it.

Humbly, I take my place in this
arena of graduating fools,
as I move into a new plane,
reduced to a new birth.
Embryonic once more–
my only agenda growth
Sheepishly, I bow to
the god of self-unification.

And now.
Things are different now.

Married are my dualities
A union long overdue
I will no longer judge; I can no longer fight

Can this be? Can it really be so?
With no winners no losers

There is no fight to follow
There is no failure, no defeat
alert the masses- the war has been called off
mid-battle, the forces
not retreating,
only meeting
and greeting
and feeding
one another
drinking one another,
they are both
the best sides of me

A lifetime spent fighting
exhausted, snuffed to nothingness
so that I may be reborn
this feud, so futile,
cost me so much
drained my soul
emptied me out
inside out

And now.
Things are different now.

Ready I stand,
mouth open wide
expectant and ready
to be filled up again
to be satiated
by my own divinity
to be filled
this time with wisdom
instead of rubbish and lies
and empty comforts and
false freedoms.

knowing now

There never was a war,
there never was a battle,
no dragons to slay

the war is over
the sides neutralized
wisdom the glowing prize.

And now.
Things are different now.

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