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(previously published in NEW THOUGHT JOURNAL)

He was the Zen Master of Brooklyn, in the late ’50s,
when I worshipped false g-ds, before the world changed,
before…I became a man.

Zeus rode a motorcycle to school, taught 9th grade English
without the Muses,
began the Poetry & Philosophy Club,
without Aristotle & Plato.
Murdered my natural flow. What did He know?

His wisdom was a Void.
Did not teach me how to write, or show me the Light, or point
What did He see?

Without his emptiness, He could not bless.
Within his emptiness, He could not bless.

Almost murdered my metamorphosis.
But I blessed myself with rage & killed Zeus in my mind.

Coming of age meant killing all masters on the road.
Violent thoughts were the code to my soul & to peaceful ways.
Those were the days…before I became a man.
Long before, I became a person.
Light years, before I became
a quiet wave in the spiritual universe.

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