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The War continues, and we listen to R & B-the
Rhythm & Blues of American soul music in
this beautiful, sad country.

The universal clock of Existence ticks again and
again and we wonder when the War will end.
Life and Death flow incessantly like the repetitive
oceanic waves of Time. And we struggle to be free.

In the distance, we hear Poe’s tintinnabulation of the bells.
For whom do the bells toll? The universal clock of Death
ticks again and again, and we wonder when the War will end.

Throughout the ages, we rage and the War continues. Is this
Destiny or human frailty and hubris? Is this our sin-the sin
of humans marching inevitably to Death, while listening to
the dark, heavy beats of lost Time?

The War continues and this compulsion to rage is our sin,
our dark mystery, and still, we dream of peace and try to
will it into being. And we speak of peace too, sometimes
silently or in whispers; sometimes we shriek the sacred
word in a cathartic release. It is our Holy Grail, our
hope and salvation, as we rage against our Darkness
and wonder when the War will end.

Our mantra is PEACE and in the tranquil ocean of our
souls, we sail across the turquoise sea and whisper
silently: PEACE. PEACE. PEACE.

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