Salome’s Dance

by on September 9, 2008 :: 0 comments

U2’s “Heartland” is on
I’m dancing for the woman
who has to drag herself
from cum wet sheets
find coffee, bum smokes
until the horn announces
her next trick

Thin hotel towel
put in a bag to be used
in a gas station bathroom
maybe a douce
probably not a meal
that luxury will have to wait
for a safe corner

Hoping the cops are in
a better mood today
nursing a skinned knee
and a missed chalkline
the crazys are
looking saner
GOT to be
more careful

Beating down jones
until theres enough money
there’s never enough
of anything

The whiskey mixes
with cum, sweat, cunt juice,
and shit in your mouth
and you would drown in a
river of dirt
to feel clean

Flinching at the judgement
stares of eyes and turned up
noses when they stumble
on your makeshift office
alley, doorway, bathroom stall
sometimes backseat at a stoplight

Sometimes they are gentle
it makes you want to hurt them
so you hold back
don’t give them the pleasure
the satisfaction
the need for pardon
you never gave yourself that gift

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