Give Me Liberty or Death?

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Yeah, Man – I’m down with that!
Let’s Tag ’em with a GPS marker
A microchip identifier
inserted under the skin
with a hypodermic needle

Like the government has
for all the livestock
and domesticated animals

Somebody’s’ got to protect us
from all the Terrorist, the Illegal
Immigrants, the Suicide Boomers
Child Abductors and Molesters,
Hybrid Hackers, Socialists
Deviant Liberal Democrats
wannabe Criminals
and Enemy Combatants

I bet you Dollars to Donuts
Guantanamo Detainees
Abu Ghraib Prisoners
Who have all ready been
abused and degraded
and allegedly confessed
have been tagged!

Guilty or Innocent!
Doesn’t really matter
No Habeas Corpus Here
Thanks to our Burning
Constitutional BUSH!

They all look alike anyway?
Better safe than sorry, Right?

Anyway, it is just another
body piercing, a silicon chip
implanted under the skin
in the back on your arm
along the belly of the muscle

A really smooth operation
Honest – I didn’t feel a thing!

All paid for by your
Already strangled tax dollar
And our Xenophobic Right Wing
Ultra Conservative Rogue Nation
Yeah, the good ol’ U.S. of A.
Red, White and Blue!

Do you think it can’t happen to you?
just Vote for McCain and Palin!

They will not only give us four more years

They will do you even better!

Every time your ass crosses a border
passes through a security check
an airport terminal, a military base
a prison, a hospital, a university
a grade school, a play ground –

Our Government, the home of the free
and the brave will know;

just like George Orwell foretold
in his novel 1984

and just like our Government did to
Martha Stewart with a GPS anklet!

Big Brother will know
WHO you are and WHERE you are
WHO you’ve been sleeping with!

And every minute of the day
you will be looking over your shoulder
while the video cams follow
you around the city, capturing
your every move on tape!
Every time you’re late
to work, to church, to your
PTA meetings

Every time you’re late
to pick up your kid from school
late for your AA meetings, late to report to
your parole officer;

Caught speeding? Getting Greedy?
the little microchip GPS tag imbedding in your arm
will start to hurt, intensity level increases with every passing
minute, until it knocks you off your ass, like a tazer!
Incapacitating you until the COPS hand cuff you
and throw you into jail, and deny you
your Bill of Rights! No Phone Call for you
no legal representation for you

That’s what Big Brothers are for
To save the day and keep us all safe!!

“Can You Hear Me Now??” GOOD!

– Claude Barrett – September 2008

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