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There is just one microphone up on the stage. There is just one microphone, but no one sings. The band plays instrumentals. They’re not really that bad. If you like static and drum solos, then this is your band. Do you like dueling guitar solos and a fat bass line? Look no further, this is your band. They are so clever. There is just one microphone up on the stage. No one dares come near it. Nobody sings, nobody yells, nobody whispers a word. I thought I heard humming once, but that was just static. It seems like they need a singer. But they’re happy to tour without one. One time they recorded random voices and played a recording of the voices behind their static. I thought it was all right. I wanted to write some lyrics for them. I wanted to offer my services as a singer. But they said they already had a singer. They pointed to the one microphone up on the stage. They asked me if I saw him. I shook my head and said no. They said he was rather shy. They said he was invisible. They told me he could not speak. But he was a real good dancer and an integral part of the band. They thanked me for the lyrics, but they said the invisible man was their lyricist. They said he was the leader of the band.

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