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At night, I travel on a dark journey to a mysterious place

Alone, on an ancient train rushing to the other side of the
I sit inside a tomb of ice and fire


struggle to survive, trapped and enclosed in this eerie
smothering space,
where the raw chill of evil bites my face.

Like a captured beast in a cage, I’m a human specimen
on exhibit
in this miniature, moving zoo (for they are watching me),

a frozen cattle car galloping across time and space to

But why? Why are they taking me away today? I’m an
innocent man.
Why must I die?

Hunched over in a dark corner, my feverish body shakes
and shivers. I taste the miasma and gasp for air. And I

a deep fear that assaults and covers me in the windswept
of despair and terror.

Still, I pray to my nameless G-d, Hashem, (The Name)
as I’m
buried alive.
With my faith, I may survive this dark journey
all that waits for me in Chaos,

a dark dimension of many horrific places,
especially one in particular…
a place of ice and fire


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