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If you don’t like’em
If presentation or context falters
If you don’t like’em
How their drivel your good mood alters
Don’t endure’em

Take out your tool
Your wisdom for the fool
Turn’em clockwise or counter
Command the encounter
Forcefully direct their gaze
To take in the other view
A different from their mother view
Stick your fingers in the dike
To stop the leak’em

But, when I’m feelin’ bleak
When too tired or dumb to speak
I need a higher plane to seek
Baby, help me
I need a tweak
Roll out your love to meet me
Soften the blows that beat me
Batter my balance and unseat me

I would rather lie down
My anxieties tie down
I would fly down
And up and ‘round
‘Til you wire up and freak me
Baby, help me
Tweak me with your love
Tweak me with a shove
Over the brink
Into the drink
Heels over head and back from the dead
I love you baby, tweak me
With your love
Tweak me with your love

Tweak me
Tweak me
Tweak me

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