Sunday Night at Cave’s

I didn’t appreciate the place
Until I came here alone
Without the expectation of seeing
Anyone I knew.

Here I sit alone in the corner of
The bar. I laughed to myself. Thinking
I can always create a Loser’s Corner

And I thought, “This is a poor substitution
For a strip club.” But the female bartenders
Are really cute, and they smile each
Time they hand me a beer. So I still
Get that strip club illusion that the beautiful
Actually care. Plus the beer is cheaper.

I sit back in the corner, while people in
Their designated groups imitate the banging
Head ritual and singing, “U hate me” by
Rammerstein followed by the whitest hop
Hip posing redition of Check the Rhyme
By A Tribe Called Quest. And I
Made a sigh of relief.

Because though I came here by myself,
I’m not alone, so I can sleep well

The cheap beer helps though.

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