Sex Addict

by on July 6, 2008 :: 0 comments

It should bring you
A sense of satisfaction
To know that you’re
The drug of

That feeling that
Their world revolves
Around you.

That feeling of power.
It’s almost an addiction
In itself. You’d think.

But it’s not.

Because like all
Drug addictions, the
Supply’s not always
There to meet the
The demand.

Then, you become as
Faceless as an aborted

For they don’t see
The drug now.
Only the need.

So, they search everywhere
From the Information
Super Red Light
District down to
Skid row.

And they’ll continue to
Feed that hunger. If
They’re lucky it’ll be
Rock bottom that’ll
Force them to stop.

Death’s not always
Instant when you OD
On sex.
But if he returns
Safe and sound, you’ll
Be happy, but only for
A little while.

Because after all,
You are his drug of

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