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“The scientist has marched in and taken the place of the poet. But one day somebody will find the solution to the problems of the world and remember, it will be a poet, not a scientist.” Frank Lloyd Wright

the thumping heart beat

(th thump)

seems to get louder

(TH thump)

with each passing moment


we bottle it up
pass it around

the momentum catches

the glorious wave of change
comes crashing down
and we are on the brink
of boiling over

spilling and filling
seeing and being
flowing and glowing

the fire is spreading
in this twirling world…now

our voices, our choices
bringing the forces of change…now

the whole mad swirl of
everything to come begins…now

we’re a part of this everything
setting yesterday on fire
and taking the reigns
of the moment

we watch it
we whirl and twirl it
in our collective creative hands


the poets shall inherit the Earth!

yes, it’s true.

the mad ones whose slacked jaws
hang loosely, words flowing easily
speaking raw truths

the poets who speak freely
of what hangs heavily
around their hearts

the poets shall expose the bankrupt world

the poets hide for no one
is afraid of no one
never owned by no one

the poets shall be the voice-box of truth!

no one knows
what will be exposed
from the blue-eyed soul of the poets

the poets shall not quiet down!

the sad and passionate ones
the dry and high ones
the mad and manic ones

the poets shall ride the tides!

it’s just a matter of time
when the reasoning in the rhyme
will rise to the forefront and finally


knock down societies fragile walls
and free the holy divinity
from the broken, old hands
of mediocrity

the poets shall inherit the Earth!

and the world will fare better for it.

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