In Death

by on July 6, 2008 :: 0 comments

My son asked about
You yesterday.

My son’s mind goes
A million miles
A nanosecond.

He asked about you.
You must have made
Quite an impression.

I thought of one day
Going to McDonald’s
Just the three of us.

Right now, I’m listening
To an old CD I was going
To play for you.

There was a club I wanted
To take you to. They’ll have
This kickass band playing
There next week.

I guess I’ll be going by
Myself…if at all.

Those tickets to that concert
Finally came in the mail.
You know the ones
I bought three weeks

I don’t know what to
Do with them now.

You see, our bond
Had no illusions of
Forever. Like life
We knew one day
It would end.

But like death, we
Didn’t know when.

So we lived for
The moment. And
We laughed, ate
Danced and fucked
Like there’s
No tomorrow.

But sometimes you
Live for the moment
By looking ahead in

So here I am. Looking
At the plans I made before
The untimely death of us.

Songs that were gonna be sung,
Food that were gonna be eaten,
Places left unexplored
Mornings left unshared.

And will never be.

And I am now in mourning.

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